Dysport® in Boston, MA

Over the years, your facial expressions can cause frown lines, forehead creases, and crow’s feet. Dysport® is an FDA-approved treatment that is designed to address many of these age-related issues without any incisions or sutures. Neem Medical Spa, located in Somerville, Lynnfield and Winchester, and led by board-certified internal medicine physician Dr. Rosy Sandhu, offers Dysport® injections to the residents of the Greater Boston area.

What Is Dysport®?

Much like Botox®, Dysport® is an injectable treatment that temporarily softens fine lines and wrinkles throughout a patient’s face.

Dysport® is very effective when carried out by itself, but it can turn back time and takes years off an individual’s appearance when combined with other injectable fillers. This combination treatment not only produces immediate results, but it also addresses the root causes of many age-related blemishes. Dysport® gently relaxes the facial muscles so the skin can return to its natural position. Over the course of a few weeks, this diminishes the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Dysport® Vs. Botox®

While these two products are quite similar, there are some differences that all patients should be aware of before deciding on which is best for their individual scenario. Due to the physical structure of the molecules in Dysport®, it can produce results slightly faster than Botox®. Some of the patients who visit our spa even notice changes to their appearance within just 24 hours of their Dysport® injections. Botox® generally takes anywhere from five to seven days to start working.

Botox® injections are slightly more concentrated than Dysport® injections, and you might need two to three times the number of doses if you decide on Dysport®. That being said, the treatments produce almost identical results and have a similar price.

In some cases, Dysport® spreads slightly more than Botox®, and that can affect the size and appearance of the treatment area. Because of this dispersal, our team is extremely careful when administering the injections.

Why Choose Dysport®?

This product has become very popular in recent years for quite a few reasons. An important aspect to remember is that Dysport® is one of the most effective anti-aging treatments in the world. Instead of undergoing an invasive surgery that could leave you with permanent scars, you might need nothing more than a few quick injections near your fine lines and wrinkles. It is a great option for dynamic wrinkles almost anywhere on your face including your forehead, the sides of your mouth, near your nose, and at the corners of your eyes. There is absolutely no downtime for this treatment, and you might notice initial results within a day or two of your procedure.

Dysport® has an excellent track record, and it is now being used by doctors and nurses from around the world. For the past 25 years, it has remained a popular cosmetic treatment in over 75 countries.

The Dysport® Procedure

After our team speaks with you about the pros and cons of Dysport®, we can begin your treatment as soon as it’s convenient for you. The initial consultation includes a close analysis of your face to determine where the injections must be placed and how many doses are needed. Because a fine needle is used to make the injections, most patients need nothing more than a mild topical anesthetic and ice pack. The average Dysport® appointment takes around 15 minutes to complete.

Only a very small percentage of patients notice any side effects following their injections. The most common side effect is slight bruising near the injection sites, but the discoloration is almost always gone within a day or two. There is also a small risk of mild discomfort and inflammation. Much like the bruising, the discomfort typically subsides within just a few days. Patients who experience any of these issues for more than three or four days should immediately contact our spa.

Are You a Candidate for Dysport®?

This is the perfect non-invasive treatment option for practically any healthy adult who is unhappy with the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and other age-related flaws. Before undergoing this treatment, you should inform our team of any allergies you have and medications you are taking. Those who are allergic to abobotulinumtoxin should not receive Dysport® injections.

What Can I Expect After the Dysport® Procedure?

Even though some patients notice the results almost immediately, you will most likely not see any major changes to your appearance until a few days after your appointment. The mild side effects such as bruising and inflammation are normally gone within 24 hours.

How Soon Can I Return to Work After Dysport®?

Dysport® has absolutely no recovery time, and that means you can resume all your regular daily activities immediately. We recommend that our patients avoid direct sunlight and rigorous exercise for the rest of the day while their injections settle.

How Much Does Dysport® Cost in Boston?

The cost for Dysport® is determined by Dr. Sandhu during your consultation, and every treatment is individualized. Neem Medical Spa accepts cash, bank checks, and all major credit cards including Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, and Discover®, as well as financing via CareCredit®.

To make a Dysport® appointment at Neem Medical Spa, located in Somerville, Lynnfield and Winchester and serving the Greater Boston area, please contact us today. We highly suggest scheduling a free consultation via our online form so we can assess your concerns and create a skin care or body plan specifically for your needs.

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