Restylane® in Boston, MA

If you want to make an instant and dramatic change to your overall appearance, a great place to start is by smoothing the wrinkles and folds in your skin. Restylane® is a filler that contains no foreign elements and it’s been used extensively in facial rejuvenation procedures. As a matter of fact, it is well-known across Boston and the entire United States as an effective and safe filler that produces long-lasting results. Led by board-certified internal medicine physician Dr. Rosy Sandhu, Neem Medical Spa, located in Somerville, Lynnfield and Winchester, offers Restylane® to the residents of the Greater Boston area.

What is Restylane®?

You gain facial lines and wrinkles because your body breaks down the naturally-occurring collagen and elastin fibers in your skin as you age. Unfortunately, this will happen to everyone to a certain extent. When you smile, frown, or squint, you are unleashing undue stress on the skin’s underlying collagen, which can accelerate the aging process. For years, the best treatment to counter this process was to inject collagen beneath the skin to lessen the prominence of lines and wrinkles.

Restylane® is noted as a terrific treatment for deep folds, facial lines, wrinkle correction, shaping the contour of cheeks and chins, and has even become a go-to lip enhancement product.

Restylane® is comprised of hyaluronic acid, which is found in the body naturally and is completely biodegradable over time. Because the filler is made from a substance found in all living creatures, it is especially safe to use. This natural acid adds volume and fullness to the outer skin, or epidermis, making it a prime material for facial rejuvenation fillers.

The clear gel that composes Restylane® is injected directly beneath the surface of the skin. Once it is introduced to the area being treated, Restylane® will add natural fullness and lift sunken skin. This results in the smoothing of less prominent folds and fine wrinkles around the face.

Restylane® works by permeating dermal tissue and binding to the water molecules beneath. This distinguishes the brand from other fillers. The process modifies the water molecules which then assist the Restylane® in producing volume in as natural a manner as possible. This means the change in skin appears natural, as well. After a period of months or years, Restylane® will be degraded in the body and dissolve undetected.

Restylane® Treatments

An extremely thin needle is used to guide the gel into the connective tissues beneath the epidermis. This is where deep folds and lines start to form. Restylane® works like a super-absorbent sponge to capture moisture and create a younger-looking appearance overall.

A typical Restylane® treatment is usually performed within a 15-minute time frame, and there is minimal discomfort. Restylane® contains lidocaine, a numbing agent that is an adequate anesthetic for any pain caused by the treatment.

Is Restylane® Right for You?

A Restylane® procedure is a non-surgical treatment that is completely tailored to each patient’s expectations and needs. And, remember, even if you have a darker skin pigment, the FDA has endorsed Restylane® as a safe method of improving your facial lines without the risk of hypertrophic scarring, keloid, or hyper-pigmentation.

Restylane® Recovery

There is very little recovery time. Even with the most precise injections, though, some minor bruising may occur.

The results of a Restylane® treatment are instantaneous and long-lasting. Most results have been known to last up to 12 months. After that time, the body naturally absorbs the filler.

Restylane® results can vary widely between patients, so it is very important to schedule a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Sandhu prior to the procedure to discuss your options.

How Much Does Restylane® Cost in Boston?

The cost for Voluma® is determined by Dr. Sandhu during your consultation, and every treatment is individualized. Neem Medical Spa accepts cash, bank checks, and all major credit cards including Visa®, MasterCard®,  American Express®,  and Discover®,  as well as financing via CareCredit®.

To make a Restylane® appointment at Neem Medical Spa, located in Somerville, Lynnfield and Winchester and serving the Greater Boston area, please contact us today. We highly suggest scheduling a free consultation via our online form so we can assess your concerns and create a skin care or body plan specifically for your needs.

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