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Neem Medical Spa Reviews

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RealSelf Patient Reviews of Rosy Sandhu, MD

“Welcoming, Helpful, Trustworthy, Professional Staff in a Total Health & Beauty Atmosphere in the entire building!”

– Leigh, B.

“It is going to be the place to visit for all your beauty upgrade.”

– Sudhir, K.

“Absolutely amazing spa!! Highly recommend it!! Great job Rosy!!”

– Rabiya, M.

“Dr. Rosy Sandhu is absolutely lovely. Neem has state of the art modalities to help you look and feel your best! Put this on your list for “get ready for summer” must haves!!”

– Lisa, L.

“Neem Medical Spa has all the top quality expertise, high tech tools and services to improve your body, skin and health! The age of non-surgical weight loss, skin tightening and bringing back and maintaining younger skin is finally here”

– Jeanne, D.

“Dr. Sandhu receives my highest recommendation for those who struggle with weight loss. Her dedication to me throughout my treatments made it a lot easier for me to keep pushing through. Very knowledgeable and professional!”

– Amy, P.

“Neem Medical Spa has the latest technology and techniques used that I’ve seen. The staff pays excellent attention to detail, they take the time to explain every treatment thoroughly, along with any other questions or concerns you may have. Great experience with them!”

– Nicole, D.

“I have tried every kind of weight loss diet or program you could imagine! Dr. Sandhu changed my life. I lost 40 pounds in 30 days and I never thought this was at all possible. I owe it all to her.”

– Taylor, P.

“Neem has the most convenient location. Right off the highway, a few steps from the Assembly T stop, and is next to a huge plaza with endless shops and restaurants. Its location is what got me into the spa but the staff’s expertise is what kept me coming back!”

– Karissa, M.

“I’ve struggled with acne so for long now. I wasn’t using any skin care products or taking care of my skin the right way. The Aestheticians completely changed my face for the better. I no longer have to cover everything up with makeup. Whatever your concern, go to Neem Medical Spa!!!!”

– Yingh, L.

“With every dollar spent at Neem Medical Spa, it has been so worth it! Especially if you love staying on top of good health and skin regimens. So many promotions, deals and events always going on! If you spend any amount you join they’re loyalty program and get products and services for free!”

– Patricia, T.

“I’ve wanted Botox and Filler for a while now but was nervous about how it would make me look. Dr. Sandhu does just the right amount, very casual, so you look healthy and younger without that “over-done” or “too much” look! She takes her time and makes sure it looks perfect! She made me feel very comfortable with the treatment!”

– Tatiana, T.

“I have to say I exercise a ton and could never get rid of that stubborn fat/cellulite on the back of my thighs and lower butt. So embarrassing. Until Neem Medical Spa introduced me to Exilis and Vanquish. It completely tightened up that extra bit of skin and fat that I just couldn’t get rid of! Worth every penny.”

– Laurel, M.

“Dr. Sandhu is lovely. The staff is the best. The brochures are very informative for every service they offer. Considering the technology that is available, the prices are very reasonable for everyone.”

– Matt, W.

“As soon as you walk in- you are greeted with a hot towel. Offered an assortment of beverages and snacks. I must say, who doesn’t love to be pampered! Great first impression and they kept me coming back for more!”

– Sarah, Q.

“When I came to the spa, I just wanted an overview or treatments and prices. It’s the New Year and I was just ready to try something new for myself. No pressure of buying a treatment was put on me. They were all truly there to help you with your concerns. It was exactly what I needed to make the right choices for me.”

– Lucia, C.

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