Scar Removal in Boston, MA

At Neem Medical Spa, located in Somerville, Lynnfield and Winchester and serving the residents of Greater Boston, our team is proud to help men and women who would like to reduce the appearance of their scars without undergoing invasive procedures. Our non-surgical scar revision treatments restore the function of your soft tissue and improve the appearance of scars caused by burns, surgeries, and other injuries.

A scar develops during the healing process when your skin is flooded with additional collagen and elastin. While the outer layers of skin might be healthy, many patients are not comfortable with the appearance of their scars. Our team is now offering all residents of Boston and the surrounding communities the exciting new treatment known as ResurFX™. This safe and effective procedure can restore the soft tissue while improving the appearance of the scars.

Can A Scar Be Removed Completely?

Scar revisions will improve the appearance of your scar, but the treatments cannot permanently remove a scar. Once a scar has developed, it will be with you for the rest of your life.

Most Commonly Treated Scars

  • Hypertrophic scars – These are thick red scars that typically occur along the inner boundaries of a laceration or incision.
  • Keloid scars – While keloid scars are similar in appearance to hypertrophic scars, they grow beyond the boundaries of an injury. They often look like raised pockets of skin, and they are typically found on the earlobes, chest, and shoulders. Keloid scars are most common in dark-skinned people.
  • Contracture scars – Contracture scars are the most severe form of scarring, and they can be quite difficult to get rid of once they have developed. These scars are most common among burn victims and other patients who have injured a large area of skin. They are referred to as contracture scars because they physically pull and tighten the underlying soft tissue, and may restrict normal movement in that area.

What is ResurFX™?

ResurFX™ is designed to quickly and safely improve the appearance of a patient’s scars by triggering their body’s natural healing response. The device is FDA-approved to stimulate the production of collagen and soften the scar while brightening the skin tone. It is often used to treat scars on the arms, legs, neck, face, and other areas that cannot be covered with clothing.

Benefits of Scar Revision

  • Reduces the appearance of scars
  • Restores the form and function of the damaged soft tissue
  • Can treat the most common types of scars
  • Involves surgical and non-surgical techniques
  • Often improves a patient’s self-confidence and general happiness

What Can I Expect During the ResurFX™ Procedure?

Not only is ResurFX™ extremely effective, but it is also very easy. A topical anesthetic is used to completely numb the treatment site, and we will also apply an ice pack to keep your skin at a comfortable temperature. Patients who do feel something during their treatments often claim it is similar to a tickling sensation.

How Does the ResurFX™ Treatment Work?

Instead of attempting to physically remove the scar, a small laser is used to treat a microscopic area without affecting the nearby soft tissue. When these lasers are set to a certain frequency, they force the patient’s body to produce a new layer of fresh skin cells. These extra cells eventually soften and reduce the appearance of the scar.

What Results Should I Expect from a ResurFX™ Treatment?

Unlike invasive treatments, patients are free to go about all their daily activities as soon as their procedure is over. The most common side effects are similar to a sunburn, such as inflammation, redness, and mild irritation. Patients can use makeup to cover the area. The side effects will subside on their own in the following days.

How Long Does a ResurFX™ Treatment Take?

A full restorative procedure generally takes around 45 minutes to complete, but the procedure can take longer if the treatment site is larger. Before your procedure begins, one of our team members will apply a mild topical anesthetic to make sure you remain as comfortable as possible throughout your appointment.

How Long Will It Take for the Desired Effect to be Noticeable?

On average, patients must schedule three to five treatments to achieve the best results. You might notice some improvements to the scars after your first appointment, but long-term changes require multiple treatments.

How Often Should I Receive Treatment?

It takes a few weeks for your skin to heal after treatment, so we recommend making appointments at least one month apart. While every patient is slightly different, most will benefit from at least four treatments spread out over a few months.

Will Insurance Cover Scar Revision?

If the treatment is deemed medically necessary, then your insurance provider might cover some or all of the costs.

Is Financing Available for Scar Revision?

We offer financing plans to all our patients.

How Much Does Scar Removal Cost in Boston?

The cost of scar removal varies depending upon the area being treated. Insurance and financing were discussed above. Neem Medical Spa accepts cash, bank checks, and all major credit cards including Visa®,  MasterCard®,  American Express®, and Discover®, as well as financing via CareCredit®.

To make an appointment for scar removal at Neem Medical Spa, located in Somerville, Lynnfield and Winchester and serving the Greater Boston area, please contact us today. We highly suggest scheduling a free consultation via our online form so we can assess your concerns and create a skin care or body plan specifically for your needs.

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