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Sclerotherapy in Boston, MA

Do you spend the summer months hiding in pants when you’d rather show off your legs in shorts and skirts? If the embarrassment of unsightly veins is forcing you to cover up during the warmer months, sclerotherapy may be the solution you need to achieve the shorts and skirt-worthy legs you desire. Clinical research has shown that people who suffer from spider veins often have a family history of the condition. This venous condition can also be linked to many risk factors, such as hormonal imbalances, fluctuations in weight, pregnancy, and sitting or standing for prolonged periods of time. Led by board-certified internal medicine physician Dr. Rosy Sandhu, Neem Medical Spa, located in Somerville, Lynnfield and Winchester and serving the Greater Boston area, offers sclerotherapy to treat spider veins.

What is Sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy is an injection-based procedure that removes spider veins. These overly stretched or dilated blood vessels are most often found in the thighs, lower leg, and face, and they usually take on a branched, web-like pattern. Sclerotherapy can also diminish the appearance of bluish, bulging varicose veins, which tend to be larger and more painful than spider veins.

When to Consider Sclerotherapy

  • If you notice branched, web-like veins on your thighs or legs
  • If noticeable, branched veins appear across areas of the face that are hard to conceal
  • If you would like to remove spider veins that add years to your true age

Benefits of Sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy is the most common treatment for both spider veins and small varicose veins. This gold standard procedure provides several benefits, such as:

  • In-office treatment under the direction of a physician
  • A nonsurgical, minimally invasive solution to unsightly veins
  • Short treatment sessions that usually take no more than 45 to 60 minutes to complete
  • A relatively painless procedure
  • Zero downtime

Sclerotherapy Procedure

Sclerotherapy is the ideal treatment for spider veins and small to medium-sized varicose veins that are no larger than three millimeters in diameter. This simple procedure involves injecting a salt-based sclerosing solution into the target vein using a fine needle.

The salt-based solution irritates the lining of the target blood vessel, which then blocks the flow of blood and reroutes blood to healthier veins. This eventually causes the target vein to collapse and fade from the skin’s surface as it’s reabsorbed by surrounding tissue.

Laser Vein Treatment

Lasers are often used to treat smaller veins that are less than three millimeters in diameter and appear in more delicate or hard to treat areas, such as the face or ankle.

During laser vein treatment, a highly focused beam of light is used to dissolve the target vein through the skin’s surface. Multiple treatment sessions may be required to achieve the patient’s desired outcome, and laser therapy is often combined with sclerotherapy to produce optimal results.

Blistering, bruising, and redness are common side effects of laser vein treatment, but the symptoms should gradually subside over the course of a few weeks to several months. There is often zero downtime involved with the procedure, but patients must protect the treated areas from direct sun exposure.

Returning to Normal Activities After Sclerotherapy

Most patients resume their daily routine immediately after sclerotherapy, depending on the number, size, and extent of the treated veins. Patients must wear compression tights or bandages for up to two weeks after treatment to facilitate healing. Walking and moving around immediately after treatment is key to preventing clotting and abnormal blood flow.

Results will begin to show within three weeks, with the final results becoming more apparent over the course of several months, depending on the number of treatments needed and the severity of the veins being treated.

How Much Does Sclerotherapy Cost in Boston?

The cost of sclerotherapy varies depending upon the area being treated. Since the treatment is so personalized, we will give you an accurate price quote upon consultation. Neem Medical Spa accepts cash, bank checks, and all major credit cards including Visa®,  MasterCard®,  American Express®, and Discover®, as well as financing via CareCredit®.

To make a sclerotherapy appointment at Neem Medical Spa, located in Somerville, Lynnfield and Winchester and serving the Greater Boston area, please contact us today. We highly suggest scheduling a free consultation via our online form so we can assess your concerns and create a skin care or body plan specifically for your needs.

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