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Vampire Breast Lift (non-surgical) in Boston, MA

Aging, pregnancy, weight gain or loss can negatively affect the appearance of the breasts and chest, impacting one’s self-confidence and self-esteem. Breast augmentation surgery is one way to improve the shape and appearance of one’s breasts, but is invasive and requires a lengthy recovery – the vampire breast lift is a non-surgical, minimally invasive procedure offering exceptional results which enhance the appearance of one’s breasts. Dr. Rosy Sandhu of Neem Medical Spa in Somerville and Winchester performs vampire breast lifts for patients living in and around the Greater Boston area.

What is the Vampire Breast Lift?

The vampire breast lift is a non-surgical procedure designed to improve the appearance of one’s breasts and even restore sensation. It is not meant to boost breast size, as surgical breast augmentation will do, but rather restore the skin’s youthful look, supplement breast volume, and improve sensation in the breasts and nipples. The patient’s own platelet-rich plasma is used to trigger the skin to produce new cells, and increase collagen production, correcting skin, volume, and sensation issues brought about by aging, pregnancy, environmental factors, and other challenges.

Who Should Consider a Vampire Breast Lift?

If you are not satisfied with the shape or appearance of your breasts, the vampire breast lift can help you achieve the aesthetic goals you have. If you desire to improve your physique and correct breast issues without undergoing surgery, the vampire breast lift may be an ideal treatment for you. The vampire breast lift is appropriate for patients who do not wish to dramatically increase the size of the breasts – rather, it helps women correct the signs of aging and build better-looking breasts.

Benefits of the Vampire Breast Lift?

The vampire breast lift corrects the following breast issues:

  • Pale or graying skin tone, caused by poor blood flow
  • Drooping breast structure
  • Poor sensation in the breasts and nipples
  • Inverted nipples
  • Creased skin
  • Volume loss in the breasts

The Vampire Breast Lift Procedure

Blood is first extracted from the patient’s arm and processed through a centrifuge to extract platelet-rich plasma needed to complete the treatment. The numbing gel is applied to the specific areas of the breasts which will be targeted through the procedure.

An injectable filler is combined with the plasma, and the mixture is injected into targeted areas using a fine needle. The plasma solution releases growth factors which, once injected into the breasts, simulate tissue and collagen growth to define breast shape and appearance.

The vampire breast lift takes approximately 45 minutes to complete. Patients can visualize results building for the first two to three months after the procedure. The results of the procedure can be expected to last for one to two years.

Aftercare Following the Vampire Breast Lift

Patients require no downtime following a vampire breast lift and may return to regular activities upon leaving the office.

How Much Does a Vampire Breast Lift Cost in Boston, MA?

The cost of the vampire breast lift varies from one patient to the next due to the unique factors of each patient’s treatment. Need Medical Spa accepts cash, major credit cards, and personal checks as payment. CareCredit financing is offered to assist patients in paying for the procedure.

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