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Visia Complexion Analysis

The Visia Skin Complexion Analysis gives you an all-encompassing assessment of the health of your skin. Through a complete pictorial evaluation, Visia gives patients the chance to create a highly personalized plan of action for cosmetic treatments. It can be used to establish the best treatment strategies for both in-office and at-home procedures.

With the Visia Skin Complexion Analysis, there is no more guesswork when it comes to choosing the aesthetic treatment that is best for your skin. Instead, this process gives your aesthetician a detailed map of your face that tells your unique story. Through the results of the analysis, you can learn the percentage of wrinkles on your face, the size and condition of your pores, how much sun damage your skin cells have sustained, and where you have and will develop age spots. It can also show you if there are any acne-causing bacteria lurking under the surface of your skin. The Visia Skin Complexion Analysis not only identifies your current skin issues, but it can also help you to foresee how your face will age, with and without intervention.

Who Is a Good Candidate for the Visia Skin Complexion Analysis?

The Visia Skin Complexion Analysis provides benefits to adults of all ages. When you have a strong idea of your current skin damage, coupled with a prediction of your unique aging pattern, you can develop a treatment plan that addresses each of your complexion problems. Best of all, you can be proactive in your anti-aging treatments.

Visia Skin Complexion Analysis – The Procedure

Visia is a quick, painless and non-invasive in-office procedure. The process doesn’t require the use of any creams, lotions, or chemical-laden products. Using the latest equipment and procedures, our highly trained staff will use a special computerized camera to map your face, providing you with a complete picture of the condition of your skin.

After completing the Visia Skin Complexion Analysis, you will sit down for a personalized consultation with one of our aestheticians. You will review the images as the aesthetician explains the results and answers of your questions. Once you have a good understanding of your skin’s condition, you can work with our aesthetician to develop a personalized treatment plan with your specific goals in mind.

When you receive the initial Visia Skin Complexion Analysis, you aren’t just getting a detailed description of the current state of your skin. You will also have a valuable tool that establishes a baseline for future analysis. If you elect to have another analysis a few years after your first one, you can see if new damage has developed and the pace at which your skin is aging.

Visia Skin Complexion Analysis FAQ

What is Visia Skin Complexion Analysis?

Visia Skin Complexion Analysis is a procedure that uses a special camera to give a deep assessment of your skin’s current and future conditions. With such an in-depth analysis of your skin’s health, it is much easier to choose treatments that will focus on your unique complexion issues.

What Are the Benefits of Visia Skin Complexion Analysis?

One of the greatest benefits of Visia Skin Complexion Analysis is that it gives you and your aesthetician the best diagnostic evaluation of your cosmetic needs. This allows you to choose only treatments that will truly benefit your skin, saving you time and money.

How Long Does Visia Skin Complexion Analysis Take?

This procedure takes just a few minutes, and it is performed in the office. Upon completing the actual procedure, you will sit down with your aesthetician to review the results.

What Does Visia Skin Complexion Analysis Reveal?

When you get a Visia Skin Complexion Analysis, you will learn what percentage of your skin contains wrinkles, the size and status of your pores, the amount of sun damage to the skin cells of your neck and face, and if you have a risk for age spots. You will also learn if your skin is harboring acne-causing bacteria. The final part of your evaluation will predict the pattern of aging you will experience without cosmetic intervention.

Am I A Good Candidate Visia Skin Complexion Analysis?

Men and women who are interested in improving their appearance by stopping the signs of aging and reversing sun damage make the best candidates for Visia Skin Complexion Analysis. The procedure is designed to benefit men and women of all ages.

Will the Visia Skin Complexion Analysis Need to be Repeated?

We recommend repeating the procedure every so often. Each prior analysis can serve as a baseline to see how fast your skin is aging and if prior damage has slowed or even started to reverse.

If you reside in the greater Boston area and would like to learn more about the Visia Skin Complexion Analysis, contact Dr. Rosy Sandhu and her expert team at Neem Medical Spa to schedule a consultation at either our Somerville, Lynnfield or Winchester location.

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