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HCG Diet in Boston, MA

The HCG diet takes advantage of healthy eating habits combined with a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG). The combination of the hormone treatments plus healthy eating habits has proven to be successful in helping both men and women shed unwanted weight. The HCG diet has helped numerous men and women in the Somerville, Lynnfield, Winchester, and the Greater Boston area lose weight and achieve the benefits of healthier eating habits and lifestyle choices.

When a pregnant woman cannot take in enough daily nutrients and calories to sustain her unborn child, HCG stimulates the body to metabolize fat stores for calories. When this hormone is introduced in a non-pregnant patient with a low-calorie diet, it works in a similar way by triggering the metabolism of fat stores to supplement the energy and nutrient needs while the patient is on a low-calorie diet.

During pregnancy, the HCG hormone tricks the body into metabolizing fat for energy. When used in weight loss, HCG operates the same way, providing additional nutrients and energy to counter the low-calorie food consumption.

HCG Weight Loss for Women

HCG Diet in Boston, MA

One of the main reasons women are drawn to the HCG diet is because the hormone HCG is found naturally in their bodies. During pregnancy, a woman has to consume more calories to support their developing child. Should she not be able to consume enough nutrients HCG eats into the fat stores of the body to provide the necessary energy and nutrients. Using HCG for dieting goals is effective because the hormone allows women to sustain energy levels and necessary nutrients while still consuming a low-calorie diet.

The first step in your HCG diet journey is to schedule a consultation with Rosy Sandhu, MD, of Neem Medical Spa. During your consultation you can expect to discuss your weight loss goals, what results you might expect to see from the treatment plan, as well as review the best time to start your HCG diet plan. Our team will share with you important information about what to expect during the diet and address any concerns you might have.

HCG Weight Loss for Men

HCG Diet in Boston, MA

The number one concern of men considering the HCG diet is how/if the HCG hormone will impact their masculinity. This concern is born from the fact that HCG is a “woman hormone” because it exists naturally in a woman’s body during pregnancy. HCG is not a “women hormone” in any sense and it will not impact a man’s body in a feminine way. HCG helps men lose weight, in the same manner, it helps women lose weight.

For more information about our HCG diet, contact board certified Weight Loss Doctor, Rosy Sandhu, MD, at Neem Medical Spa today to schedule a consultation at either our Somerville, Lynnfield or Winchester location!

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